Bluehost pricing plans web hosting, Shared, VPS, and Dedicated features

Bluehost pricing plans web hosting, Shared, VPS, and Dedicated features


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No need to be confused about Bluehost pricing plans. Here is a quick pulled up details for you about Bluehost web hosting types and pricing plans also the features they provide within Shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting.

In Other posts section, you will read more about Bluehost and other services you need for your work, make sure to check that out as well!

Before we start, here is what you will read in this article,

  • What is Bluehost?
  • What is Web Hosting?
  • Why you need Bluehost services?
  • How each plan is different than the others?
  • How Bluehost services can change your blogging journey?

01 What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a hosting and domain company, owned by “Endurance International Group”, it hosts more than 2 million domains and is one of the top 5 hosting companies in the world.


02 What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is one of the hosting types, which lets people make their site accessible via the internet. Web hosts are companies that provide drive (space) on a server, which is either owned or leased for use by clients. and BlueHost claims to have host over 2 million websites overall.

03 Why you need Bluehost services?

Bluehost pricing plans , Bluehost panel
Bluehost pricing plans- Bluehost Panel

We all know that at the end of the day we need to host our site which allows all of us to access that site. We all have any sort of site, either an e-commerce site or a simple blog, you need a hosting company because the self-host site has many problems. and if you are a non-tech person, then hosting companies are the option.

There are so many hosting companies out there which provide their services and plans, How can you be sure to go for Bluehost. Well, there are many things you can get information about and start work on. like Services they provide, The amount they charge you, tools they provide, speed and up-time and duration of plans and more.

Bluehost is better in all these things, either you start your site hosting right away or you are an old member of Bluehost hosting and you have hosted your site there. I am sure you will know how they help you with services. you will read more about Bluehost pricing plans in a separate section.

Bluehost pricing plans web hosting, Shared, VPS, and Dedicated features 1

04 How each plan is different than the others? Bluehost pricing plans

First, there are types of hosting and then there are plans for each type, we will discuss that in detail.

  1. Shared
  2. VPS
  3. Dedicated
$ 2.75 /mo$ 19.99 /mo $ 79.99 /mo
Great for a new websiteGreat for moderate-high trafficGreat for a website with high traffic
Easy to use customer dashboardScalable with on-demand resourcesFor resource-intensive needs
Fully managed solutionFull root access for additional controlUltimate security and performance

Now let’s discuss each in detail, so you can understand which plan you need for your work. if you need a bonus offer check the above link in the article.

There are types of plans and then their features. white clear images are of plans. And little yellow toned images are of features Bluehost mentioned.

01 Shared

Shared hosting is great for beginners with low traffic. Shared hosting is Lite and easy to work with. It’s cheap financially but having many features. Following is the price table of the Bluehost shared plan.

Select one with having those features you need for your site to work with. and go for it. I am sure you will be having great experience with Bluehost.

Bluehost pricing plans shared plans
Bluehost pricing plans, price table for shared plan

These are some Features of Shared Hosting. You will get these features with any plan you pick in Shared hosting.

Make sure to get SSL with any plan you want to pick. It’s very important to have SSL configured on your site.

Bluehost pricing plans shared plan features
Bluehost pricing plans and features

02 VPS

VPS stands for “Virtual private server” unlike shared hosting, here you will get a whole server for your work. usually, people call it “machine”. The server or a machine is having a sort of lite version of OS. VPS is great for business with high traffic. it cost more than Shared hosting obviously. But it also provides more features and more chances of working free and with rest.

Bluehost pricing plans vps plans
Bluehost pricing plans and features

These are some Basic Features of VPS Hosting. A free domain name for a year is very nice of them, but they also provide a chance if one wants to get a refund within the mentioned duration. and you can also get support team tickets to solve problems in case if you have any.

Bluehost pricing plans vps features
Bluehost pricing plans and features

These are some Additional Features of VPS Hosting. Multiserver management is also of them. with this, you can add more than one server. which is more than fun. Also, you will get ” access control” and “File management” which is more powerful.

Bluehost pricing plans additional features for vps
Bluehost pricing plans and features

and these are Optional Features of VPS Hosting. When you step forward from basic features, additional features. then you are Bluehost is not done yet. you will also get optional features, add ons. Site lock, domain privacy and protection, and add storage to your existing server are one of these.

Bluehost pricing plans optional features for vps
Bluehost pricing plans and features

Here we are not done yet with Bluehost hosting services. you will have to take a look at dedicated hosting as well.

03 Dedicated

Dedicated hosting plans are also provided by Bluehost, we have worked with many hosting companies but this company surely provide services really needed by bloggers. take a look at the following plans.

Bluehost pricing plans dedicated plans
Bluehost pricing plans and features

Basic Features of Dedicated Hosting. Here we have a Free domain name for 1st year which will be free of cost, and when you renew it, you will pay normal price. and an SSL certificate. and 30 days money-back guarantee.

Bluehost pricing plans dedicated features
Bluehost pricing plans and features

Advance Features of Dedicated Hosting. If you need advanced features for your dedicated hosting plan provided by Bluehost. then you got it here. Unmanaged hosting servers let you access everything. improved cpanel is also available with more functions. and then we get multi-server management.

Bluehost pricing plans dedicated advance features
Bluehost pricing plans and features

Optional Features of Dedicated Hosting. You get Domain privacy and protection. site lock and spam protection. managed automatically. Site lock helps you when your site is under attack and domain privacy helps you keeping your information private.

Bluehost pricing plans dedicated optional features
Bluehost pricing plans and features

If you want to go with Bluehost. then buy any plan by clicking the er down here. and get a special offer right now.

Bluehost pricing plans web hosting, Shared, VPS, and Dedicated features 1

05 How Bluehost services can change your blogging journey?

Any blogger can find a reliable solution for their blogging journey hosting problem, and there are many ways that can help you with hosting. one is self-hosting and the other is to purchase from a company which is already in business. self-hosting is more of a headache. Because you can save few bucks but then if anything happens to your site which interrupts security or other things then you will be the one fixing it. but in other hosting types, you will be free of any problem. just contact the customer care team and sit back relax.

All those people who have subscribed to Bluehost are having fun with their blogging journey because at least they have fixed one problem and they can freely do blogging while having a sip of coffee. but you my friend. will be stuck if you choose a bad hosting company, and thought for saving a few bucks which will be bad hosting after a month or so. we have looked very deep into Bluehost services and it provides services that will be needed by blogging beginners to advance blogging individuals or teams.


You have read our view about Bluehost and we can clearly suggest it for your work. because the services they provide are the services you will only get here with this fair price and bonuses. and these are the features you need for your site, even if you are a beginner.

What’s Next?

If you still have no idea, which hosting plan to pick. make sure to contact us. we will not just leave you hanging on a single article. we will help with the whole process and will be there for you whenever you need us.

Ask for more?

Well, you seem to be interested in reading about Bluehost from diploxa. If you have something more to ask, feel free to contact us. and ask about any product so we can find the best information, updates, and frequently asked questions. and more. and help you with it. Also, make sure to share our content with people who are in need.

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