7 Things you probably don’t know about SSL Certificate

7 Things you probably don’t know about SSL Certificate


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7 Things you probably don't know about SSL Certificate

7 things you probably don't know about SSL Certificate, click now and you will learn many things about SSL Certificate and features it provides. Diploxa guide

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In this article, you will learn about what is an SSL Certificate and 7 things that you probably don’t know about SSL Certificate. we will make sure to wrap things nicely and easily so you will understand what you will read and how these will help you.

What is an “SSL Certificate”?

SSL certificate, or Secure Sockets Layer certificate, is an encryption-based Internet security protocol. It is for every website, It was first developed by Netscape in 1995 for ensuring privacy, authentication, and data integrity in Internet communications. This technology changes the whole level of data protection.

SSL CERTIFICATE ACTIVATION shows an “HTTPS” form in the URL area. where user can understand if the certificate is installed or not.

Furthermore, you will read about things you have idea how can it affect your blogging journey.


Here is the overview of the whole topic discussed in detail, Read it if you want a bird’seye view to know what you are going to read.

Here you will learn and educate yourself with these things if you didn’t know about before.

  • Secure connection
  • Brand recognition
  • Google love security
  • Social media friendly
  • Protect your customer data
  • Build trust
  • Browsers friendly


Let’s discuss each one of these in detail, and understand what it is and why we need SSL Certificate?

01 Secure connection

 Secure connection. SSL Certificate
Secure connection. SSL Certificate

Everyone loves security when it comes to buying something online from an online shop, store or whatever you call it, the first thing is you will be thinking about is the connection secure? because no one wants to have issues for their personal data.

On the other hand, everyone who have a site. will always be happy if the connection is secure. and the customer is happy along the journey purchasing items from your site, with a secure connection. if the connection is secure, none of the data will be hacked. and the person having a site will be in rest.

SSL Certificate is encrypted and your database where your data, products or anything which you have stored for your customers can only know you through your SSL Certificate. Otherwise, anyone can reach the data you have stored inside the database. but thanks to the SSL Private key, no one can access the data except you.

02 Brand recognition

 Brand recognition .SSL Certificate
Brand recognition. SSL Certificate

Everyone wants to have a brand that can be recognized everywhere, but what if your customer asks for a secure way to buy products from you. Because of we always here things related to security and protection everywhere. that’s why everyone needs to understand that brand recognition can be gained once your connection is secure.

Also when SSL is activated on any site, it marks within the reader browser. we will talk about it in a separate section but the main point is that it helps you in Brand recognition.

We have seen many sites without SSL Certificate. and almost no one trusts those sites. because they are not secured. and anytime your data can be stolen. but hopefully, people nowadays understand the need for SSL Certificate.

7 Things you probably don't know about SSL Certificate 1

03 Google love security

 Google love security. SSL Certificate
Google love security. SSL Certificate

If you have SSL activated on your site, Here is a good news for you. “GOOGLE LOVES YOU” Yes, you heard right. When it come to security and protection, tech giant companies never want to lose people. So they do their best to provide more features and functions which can help them.

If you don’t have SSL activated on your site, then you are maybe unlucky when it comes to be in google love list, However, your post and products may not reach to more people because of trust issues. Google search engine doesn’t serve the wrong data to its users. it may be risky.

That’s why we prefer to get and activate an SSL certificate on your site. It will help you in many ways as we have discussed in previous points, how it can help you. furthermore, you will understand why you and your site readers need a better layer of security.

Have you heard news related to data security, and these things happen in many ways! well the basic one is when your connection is not secure, which can be easy to break and steal the user data. it can be stopped and it will be hard for people to steal your data or your customer data once you have installed and activated SSL CERTIFICATE.

04 Social media friendly

 Social media-friendly. SSL Certificate
Social media-friendly. SSL Certificate

Social media concept is just like google concept. If you are not providing security to your site readers. then no company like their users to visit any site where security can be at risk. yes! they think this way. But when your site has this security layer then they have no problem with your site.

Mostly when people have a site without SSL CERTIFICATE or they do spamming on social media where the link target is set for their domain names then bad things happen, I mean really bad, you can lose a chance to post on social media. they block your post.

You may read about why Facebook and other companies block your site URL. we will be working on that and once that post is completed. we will update the link to that post.

Relevant post: will post information about Why you should not get free ssl. in the future. once that post is completed. we will update the link to that post.

05 Protect your customer’s data

Protect your customer's data. SSL Certificate
Protect your customer’s data. SSL Certificate

Everyone loves to deal with great people to make money and be on the right way. well it’s great to think this way. but you should look for customer privacy and you should protect it at any cost. either you install SSL CERTIFICATE or take an advance step and make the privacy protection possible.

When your customer feels happy and safe using your services and making purchases without any worry, of data security. then you should be happy because that customer can be your long term customer. you can convert new customers or readers to long term customers and readers because of SSL CERTIFICATE.

Whenever you are visiting other sites and looking for cool content and suddenly you click on a site where you see that ssl certificate is not activated on that site, then you will not feel okay. because anything can happen to your data, whether you are talking about your credit card or your personal email address you use for work.

It’s better to use an SSL certificate on your site or when you visit a site make sure to look if the site has HTTPS OR HTTP. we will talk about this in the browser-friendly section.

06 Build trust

 Build trust. SSL Certificate
Build trust. SSL Certificate

Building trust? is it easy? if you ask this question from a stranger, you will get a straight NO in the answer. because of things happening daily, everywhere. scams and frauds etc

A straight No is in fact true answer. because you need to make sure to provide the best services and best protection for customers or site readers. you should be aware of things that matter in daily life.

SSL Certificate allows you to build trust. Chances are that the services you provide can be the services other people provide. but they may have not installed this security layer for data protection. That’s why never skip it.

07 Browsers friendly

Browsers friendly. SSL Certificate
Browsers friendly. SSL Certificate

Browsers are considerably the main part of the internet through this you visit tones of websites every day and look for the information you need. Your site will have no issue if you have a security layer.

but if your site has no security layer shows up in someone browser and that browser warns reader, what you think? will that reader come to your site next time? No! because everyone needs the protection of their personal data and everyone wishes to get information from a place or source where my personal data is secured.


You have read about all the basic points about SSL Certificate. Why it’s important for your work and why you should visit those site where this layer is activated, so you will not lose your data. Get SSL CERTIFICATE from known and trusted providers so you will not have any issue in the future.

7 Things you probably don't know about SSL Certificate 1

Next Step?

You read this whole article. and hope you have got many points and information. Never skip the SSL CERTIFICATE ACTIVATION step once you run a site, it will help you and your customers. we are working on more relevant information to this article, once it gets completed. we will be posting that too.

Ask for more?

Well, you seem to be interested in reading about SSL CERTIFICATE from diploxa. If you have something more to ask, feel free to contact us. and ask about any product so we can find the best information, updates, and frequently asked questions. and more. and help you with it. Also, make sure to share our content with your friends.

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